Continuously striving to expand, SC Technology are constantly searching for like minded people to join and develop their skills. Whether you are a specialist in technical engineering SC Technology will happily consider you to become a member of the team.

What can SC Technology offer me?

If you have always taken a keen interest in the developments of technology, SC Technology would be a perfect working environment for meeting like minded colleagues who share that passion.
In order to gain the knowledge of this ever growing industry, you could be required to take the necessary courses of which SC Technology would not only fund, but support you in every step of the way.
Due to our ample office space SC Technology will accommodate fairly, in order to achieve the best out of its staff.
Ensuring our staff flexibility is another important priority. In past tasks, staff have been more efficient whilst working at home to achieve their maximum performance.

Lastly, numerous social events are scheduled in order to maintain the atmosphere around the office and staff as a team. Furthermore, staff members have been known to organise certain charity events.

What our employees say

"Working as a technician for SC Technology has advanced my knowledge and passion to learn more about this ever growing industry"

"I thoroughly enjoy working in this upbeat environment and the opportunity to work with fun people"

"We have the pleasure to work with each other and exceptional clients. Social meets combining the two are always nice"

"With many thanks to the countless courses provided here, I can honestly say that my IT skills have doubled. Working with a list of diverse clients and good people is a God send, fresh out of University"

"In the last three years I have met some great people. The highlight would have to be watching the client database grow"

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